Episode 36: La Llorona, Knitting Ghost, Curtis the Friendly Maintenance Ghost, and More

Rigor Mortis Paranormal podcast episode 36 stories include La Llorona – Ghost on the tracks, a knitting ghost haunts a house, Curtis the friendly maintenance ghost (see the video on our website), and more haunting tales from the RMP Gang!

Below is a video sent to us from Yolanda and Nina.

Curtis the Friendly Maintenance Ghost

Thursday June 27, 2019 My family and I were traveling home from vacation when we stopped at a Pilot Travel center in Ohio.

My wife and daughter captured a paper towel dispenser moving on its own when they went out to notify an employee.

The employee said, “That’s just Curtis. Curtis is our friendly but mischievous ghost. He used to work here but had a massive heart attack in 2015 in front of the women’s restroom and passed away on-site. We had that dispenser checked out numerous times, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it”.

My wife and daughter asked me for my phone so they can record the event.

This is what they recorded.

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