Episode 31: Stories from Nightmares of San Antonio Paranormal Fest (Part 2)

Rigor Mortis Paranormal podcast episode 31 is Part 2 of stories we recorded from the Nightmares of San Antonio Paranormal Fest on September 22, 2018.

  1. A haunting at Waverly Hills Sanatorium.
  2. A spiritual interaction on the USS Lexington.
  3. A smoky ghost scares three little girls.
  4. A shadow person darts across the room in the night.
  5. Okinawa Japan – Ghost of the house.
  6. Three demonic heads are scarier than one.
  7. Murder suicide house of Von Army, Texas.
  8. Two girls chased by their Doppelgangers in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
  9. A short story of a tall hooded figure.
  10. A story from “Drunken” Jennifer – Grandmas shoes.
  11. Mallory, the Atascosa County hitchhiker ghost.
  12. Ghosts play in the Toy Aisle of K-Mart.

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